About us

RISE is a fully accredited and professional psychotherapy practice located in the heart of Kilcooles business district. We are a multidisciplinary practice that offers a range of interventions across adults, child and adolescent, couples and employee wellbeing solutions. In addition we offer therapeutic support groups and psychoeducational workshops based on our research and networking within the community.

RISE models itself on the core values of safety, warmth, hope and the client’s innate ability to self-actualise. The journey of healing according to key theorists such as Carl Jung is one of symbolic death and rebirth as we facilitate the client to feel held while they free themselves from old, destructive patterns and begin to flourish. This is depicted in our logo embedded the alchemic process of the phoenix rising from the ashes.

The phoenix as a symbol has strong significance in my own life around symbolic death and rebirth. This sacred bird is a beacon of new beginnings following a period of darkness and loss when it emerges from the ashes. And so it is a metaphor for the cycle of life, falling apart and rising up to try again.

We are established since 2017 and are now embedded in the community as a supportive space and a lifeline to the community of County Wicklow when it comes to mental and emotional difficulties.

Warmest regards,

Wayne and team

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